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About Lectern

Lectern aims to provide a shared platform for collaboration, discussion and information to scholars, researchers, students and practitioners working to understand Law's engagement with Colonialism and Empire. 

It is an outcome of various discussions that have taken place in different law, sociology, political theory and history departments across the world over the past few years. More directly, it has emerged from our annual discussions around 'Law & Colonialism' stream at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, and takes direction from the Law-in-Context tradition, by way of examining law within Postcolonial and Socio-Political Context(s).

This website will announce upcoming events and new publications in the field, and will allow members to post blogs and share their writings with other members. In due course, the website will also ultimately provide an online platform for discussion and collaboration for the global community of scholars.

We hope that our community will grow in time and provide an avenue for critical thought and radical change, both within and outside academia.

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